Mushroom Types

White Mushroom
Also know as button mushrooms, their scientific name is Agricus bisporus. These mushrooms vary in color from white to light brown. They can range in size from small (usually used for marinating) to large (used mostly for stuffing). Use raw for salads and vegetable trays. Marinated, stuffed or sautéed, they are the perfect vegetable to compliment any meal.

This is a brown variety of the common white mushroom, also know as Agaricus bisporus, and may be referred to as the Italian brown. Criminis are considered to have a much more intense and ‘earthy’ flavor compared to the white variety. Their texture is also firmer than the white. Crimini can easily substitute white mushrooms if a deeper mushroom flavor is desired. In particular, with beef and wild game dishes.

This mushroom is very deceiving, and is actually an overgrown Crimini. Because of the longer growing cycle, and a characteristic opened cap, this mushroom has an exquisite meaty flavor and texture. Try using whole on the grill or baked and substitute for meat in a burger. When sliced it can be used to substitute white mushrooms or Crimini in most dishes.

This mushroom is also known by a number of other common names, such as the Oak, Chinese or Black Forest mushroom. Originating from Japan it’s scientific name is Lentinula edodes. Shiitake can vary from very light tan to a dark brown, and they have a characteristic umbrella shaped cap, with an open veil and tan gills. Shiitake are best cooked, with a firm texture and wonderful aroma when used in any dish. Stems are very tough and should be removed and chopped finely. Perfect in pasta, soups, and in any entrée.

Oyster Mushrooms
This group of mushrooms varies by species, scientifically referred to as Pleurotus spp. The oyster mushroom comes in many different colors, ranging from white, gray, pink, and yellow, and can range in size from 1 to 3 inches. Their mild delicate flavor is most suited to cooking with chicken, veal, pork and seafood. Also try adding to soups and sauces. Small mushrooms of the colored varieties make a stunning garnish.

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