Basciani Quality
Above & Beyond

At Basciani Foods, Quality Assurance is not only a department; it is a culture that is instilled in every individual team member of the company.

Whether receiving, packing, storage, maintenance, sanitation, and transportation logistics, everyone takes ownership and pride in our Quality Culture to deliver the highest quality mushrooms products available.

Our HACCP program and quality systems (consistently ranking in the upper ninety percentile) are in place to ensure that we always deliver the finest quality fresh mushrooms to our customers, with the most intense focus on lightning-fast service in the industry.

Our mushrooms are harvested to order from our indoor sanitary farms that are audited by the USDA to ensure that all Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices (MGAP) are put to use in every step of the growing process. They are inspected by the harvesting supervisors and then delivered to our processing facility’s receiving dock. The mushrooms are weighed, graded, inspected for quality and a barcoded sticker identifying the source is applied to each pallet. The mushrooms are then vacuum cooled to 35 degrees F. to ensure the longest shelf life possible. They are then taken directly to the packing or slicing lines where each individual box is inspected for quality, processed, repacked, weighed, metal detected, and a barcode sticker identifying the source is applied to each finished product in compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative. They are then vacuum cooled again and inspected before shipping.

Process control forms are in place for every step of the process, to ensure quality from growing to on-time delivery.

At Basciani, our mushrooms aren’t just picked;

they’re CHOSEN!

Basciani Foods is committed to protecting the environment, the health, and safety of our employees, customers and the communities that we serve.  We recognize that our company’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions.

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.  We respect the law, support universal human rights and diversity, protect the environment and benefit the communities where we work.  We diligently strive for continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability; including environmental impact, water usage, energy consumption, the health and welfare of our employees, and community involvement.  All of our spent compost (approx. 50,000 tons per year) is recycled into high quality potting soil.  All of our used cardboard is recycled as well.  Our aged Hemlock bed boards are now recycled into elegant “reclaimed” furniture.  We work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the federal government to annually review and approve our Mushroom Farm Environmental Management Plan (MFEMP) which details our irrigation effluent treatment. We are the only mushroom farm in the United States to recycle our “brown” water into fresh compost.  We’ve significantly reduced our energy consumption this year by replacing all of the lighting in our facility with LED lights which has cut our lighting energy consumption by 63%, as well as virtually eliminating spent light bulb waste going to landfill.

Lighting Calculation (Independently verified by Alderson Engineering- full report on file):

  • Area (sf): 56,223
  • HUBBELL 400w MH M 59
  • Dialight LED High Bay 150w fixtures (Lighting Type -WH) model# HB2C4M)
  • Number of Fixtures 90
  • Energy Consumption/fixture (W) 400 vs. 150
  • Operating Hours/year 8,760
  • Total Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 315,360 vs. 118,260
  • Energy Reduction (%) —— 63%

We are currently in the process of testing air-to-air heat exchangers to reduce our farms’ heating and cooling energy consumption by approximately 35%.

This year, we have completely redesigned and rearranged the packing room floor to reduce pallet jack traffic and compartmentalize order picking in order to reduce the likelihood of pallet jack related injuries to our employees.

We support many different charities, including the charitable endeavors of our customers.

This statement has been reviewed and accepted by senior management.

Michael J. Basciani

Chief Operating Officer